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  Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder affecting the insulation (myelin) surrounding nerves and resulting in neurologic disability. 

Providing you with detailed information about all neurological disorders is beyond the scope of this web site.  Instead, I have compiled a list of useful website links that you can refer to for accurate information.  When available, sites in Arabic are also listed.  Periodically new information will be added for each topic specifically.     

These sites have been compiled from several sources including: 

  • The American Academy of Neurology Patient Information Guide
  • The US Department of Health & Human Services Booklet of Neurological Disorders – Voluntary Health Agencies & Other Patient Resources
  • General Search of the World Wide Web

Multiple Sclerosis:

International Multiple Sclerosis Support Foundation www.imssf.org/ms
National Multiple Sclerosis Society www.nationalmssociety.org & www.nmss.org
Multiple Sclerosis Association of America www.msaa.com
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation www.msfocus.org
Center for Neurologic Study www.cnsonline.com
Myelin Project  www.myelin.org                                              

The following site is in both Arabic & English: www.saudims.org.sa

The following sites provide information about various Neurological Disorders:

Stories about persons living with various Neurological disorders.  www.thebrainmatters.org
National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke.  www.ninds.nih.gov
The American Academy of Neurology.  www.aan.com

The following sites address caregiver issues: 

National Family Caregivers Association. www.nfcacares.org

Family Caregiver Alliance.  www.caregiver.org
Well Spouse Foundation.  www.wellspouse.org
C-Mac Informational Services/Caregiver News.  www.caregivernews.org

Other Resources:

Brave Kids. www.bravekids.org
Friends’ Health Connection. www.friendshealthconnection.org
MUMS National Parent-to-Parent Network. www.netnet.net/mums
National Council on Patient Information & Education.

National Organization for Rare Disorders. www.rarediseases.org


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